Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Vintage fair

Ooops! Is it really that long since I posted on my blog? Yes. Sorry. I'm always so busy with this full-time work malarkey and most nights by the time I'm home I just want to flop onto the sofa and drink cups of tea (always with biscuits.) But I've been meaning to blog about my finds at a vintage fair I went to about a month ago at Leeds Town Hall. It was great and I could've spent a lot of money so I had to restrain myself. There were lots of beautiful things there from bags to clothes to collectables and I did fall in love with a mirror compact that was £110. I didn't come home with that but I did get these:

A black glove box decorated with a painting of a bird and some flowers (I have a mild obsession with birds!) and a pretty mirror.
These aren't vintage but I thought they were cute:

And James bought this fully working retro phone: