Sunday, March 02, 2008

French Fancy

Hello! You know how I love Momiji dolls? Well, I found out about a competition to design 3 new dolls and this is my first one. She's called French Fancy and loves crusty french bread with a selection of cheeses- camembert is her favourite!
On the 'no TV' front things have gone well. I've only had a couple of relapses when I have really wanted to watch the news as I feel like I don't know what's going on in the world! I also confess to watching one documentary about Baby Bible Bashers which made me feel really sad and I wished I hadn't watched it!
The TV ban has really made me realise how much utter rubbish is on TV and how I really can do without it. I've gone out more during the week- last week I went to the Duffy gig in Leeds- without having to think "oh, I can't go out because so and so is on!" (Which sadly is sometimes how I used to feel if I was addicted to a certain programme!) I am going to go back to TV but will be choosing what I watch much more carefully and tuning in a lot less often. Try it yourself- you CAN do it! x