Sunday, January 13, 2008

Looking after Chip

This afternoon James and I went round to look after a very cute little bunny called Chip. He belongs to our good friends Kate and Si and is their new house rabbit. They're away in Paris for the weekend so we agreed to pop round to feed, water and entertain Chip. Do look at Kate's website by the way, she's a very good illustrator and she has a lovely hand writing style too. Even the note she left for us is done in her quirky, illustrated way.

Anyway, onto Chip. He was very difficult to photograph as you can see...

Leave me alone!

Didn't you hear me??

Ok, you can photograph me but I'm going to move.

You may be holding me but I can still turn my head away!


He was very well behaved at first and we let him out to run round the flat. I think all the attention Chip got made him over excited as he then had a mad pooing session and we had to put him back in his cage and quickly clean up so that Kate and Si won't suspect anything when they return! Shhh, don't tell them!


Monkee Maker said...

Awww, what a cute bunny! And thanks for the link, your friend's illustrations are amazing!


natural attrill said...

Hope chip had a good time with you looking after him.
I love the note your friend made with the little illos.
Hope you are well and enjoying 2008!

Joanna said...

We think Chip looks great, Captain Rupert would of liked to come out to play too!