Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blogs I like

Sharing blogs is part of the fun of blogging and often you think you may be the only one who knows about a blog. So today I thought I would share the Book The Cook blog with you.
If you've not heard about him before David Hall was on Masterchef last year and has set up his own business where you can hire him to cater for you if you're holding a dinner party. He will come round to your house and cook and judging by the recipes on his blog it would be a very delicious meal! I only know about him as he is a friend of a friend of James! His blog is great to read and he's very passionate about food so even if you're not going to attempt any of the recipes, have a look!
Since we started the TV ban over a week ago we have been cooking from scratch more often and last week we made the spicy pea, mint and apricot stew. It was really tasty and we will definitely be making more from the blog. I should have taken a photograph but we ate it up far too quickly!

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natural attrill said...

My second favourite subject! after art, it must be food. I love cooking, to me it is like painting, instead of imagining shapes,colours and textures, I imagine flavours colours and textures.
That stew looks yummy, I like apricots in savoury dishes.
Thanks for the link Pea!