Sunday, February 10, 2008

No TV for a month

Do you think you could go a whole month without watching any TV? That's what James and I have decided to do and we began our quest on Friday evening.
Now I do like my TV- documentaries, comedies, cookery programmes, a bit of reality TV, the odd soap and the news- and during the week a typical night has been spent flopped on the sofa watching around 3 hours of TV before going to bed. Our excuses? We are tired after work and it's the easy option during the dark winter nights to just crash out and switch the TV on.
Meanwhile, we always complain that there's never any time(!) to do the housework, do exercise or go out for the evening. Craft projects I have been wanting to do for ages remain untouched and my blogging has also been rather sparse.
Now maybe it's the fact that we've just returned for a great holiday in Berlin, our favourite, creative city that has got us all motivated, but whatever it is as long as we stick to it I think our lives will become more interesting and our time much better spent. Already we are feeling happier and more positive about all the time we've now 'found' to do whatever we want. It sounds ridiculous but I'm feeling quite excited about our evenings now and how we can spend all this lovely, free time we'll have. And it's as simple as not pressing a button!
You'll be hearing from me very soon.


natural attrill said...

Oh well done!

natural attrill said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog,
My ceramics class is once a fortnight in sections of about 8 sessions,which will probably carry on until our teacher decides to stop!

Monkee Maker said...

Oooh, you're a braver girl than me! Sometimes we don't switch the goggle-box on til 9, but not to have it at all? For a month?? Scary!

Good luck with it though ....