Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One project finished!

I know it's 11 months too early but I finally finished the Christmas book I've been doing over the last month. I couldn't resist posting one spread from the book (not sure if I'm allowed too- oops!) Now I'm straight into my next commission which is a book for children who are being adopted or fostered for the British Association for Adopting and Fostering. It's a book with a strong message and it's nice to work on something a bit more serious. Not that I mind what type of children's book I'm illustrating- as long as I have work I'm happy.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Meet my new friend! She is an unazukin, the latest japanese craze. If you've never heard of unazukins before, let me tell you about them. A cute, colourful, yes/no doll. Ask her a question and she nods her head once for "yes", twice for "definitely yes" or shakes her head once for "no" and twice for "definitely no." On the packaging it says unazukin is your special friend who loves to listen to your stories and questions!
Anyway, I love her and, if you've read my '6 weird things' below, you will already know I'm mad about japanese stuff. Seeing as I've been working so hard I thought I deserved a treat.

6 weird things about me

I've been tagged by Joanna and am going to share 6 weird things about me. Not sure how weird they are really. If I've tagged you then I hope you don't mind. Just write 6 weird things about you on your blog and then tag 6 new people, letting them know on their blog that you've tagged them and direct them to your blog for instructions.

These are a selection of my weird things (I'm sure there are many more!)

1. I love all animals but especially dogs. I haven't actually got one myself and would love one but I live in a rented flat and it wouldn't be fair on the dog or my landlord. I'm amazed by how intelligent dogs are and am fascinated by guide dogs! Yes, I am odd.

2. I'm crazy about Japan and all things Japanese. This started when I read Memoirs of a Geisha about 5 years ago (before it was made into a film). I love it and it is still my favourite book. There is a shop in York called the Japanese Shop and I love going there. I have origami paper, a japanese bookmark with a lovely girl in a kimono on it, Japanese badges, a lucky cat, books, a momiji doll and a wooden Kokeshi doll. I would love to go to Tokyo and would spend an absolute fortune there.

3. I press the snooze alarm on my alarm clock too much. It goes off every 10 minutes and my record is 2 hours of 'snoozing' on a Saturday morning. Often I'm so tired I don't know I'm doing it. My boyfriend really appreciates it (ahem.)

4. My septum is wonky and as a result I can only breathe properly out of my left nostril. I need to have an operation for this but am scared.

5. I laugh at my own jokes. Often nobody else is laughing.

6. I don't like bananas when they turn too yellow- they make me feel sick. I much prefer the green ones.

I have tagged Ladysnail, Crafty Old thing, Emm@, Natural Attrill, Lucy in Stitches and Moopy and Me.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A little break

Happy New Year and hope everyone had a nice Christmas. A bit late, I know, but I've been working so much. I'm going to be working very hard until the end of February- I'm not complaining as I know it could all stop as quickly as it started- but 7 day weeks do take their toll. SO I've just booked a little weekend break in the Yorkshire Dales for me and my boyfriend in March as a nice treat to look forward to after all this hard slog! Can't wait!